Wilderness Center Observatory

Wilderness Center Observatory
The Wilderness Center
Labama Ave.
P.O. Box 202
Wilmot, OH 44689
(877) 359-5235 (Ohio only)
(330) 359-5235 (Outside Ohio)
Observatory Email: observatory@twcac.org

Photo: Wilderness Center The Telescope and Volunteers. Photo by James Guilford.

The Wilderness Center ~ Telescope and Volunteers

The centerpiece of the observatory at The Wilderness Center is the Dr. Karl W. Keller Telescope. This 16″ f/11 Ealing classical Cassegrain telescope has been completely refurbished with new mirror coatings, new bearings donated and installed by the Timken Company, and a computer-controlled drive system. It has been installed in its permanent location in The Wilderness Center’s new Astronomy Education Building. The scope was originally purchased in the early 1970s by Dr. Karl Keller of Canton, a prominent local surgeon. Dr. Keller had a life-long love of the stars, and this fine telescope was a logical extension of this interest and was sheltered in the doctor’s personal backyard observatory. Upon De. Keller’s death in 1990, Elizabeth Keller contacted TWC to inquire about interest in the instrument.

Photo by James Guilford

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