Oberle Observatory

Oberle Observatory
Observatory Park
10610 Clay Street
Montville Twp., OH 44064

Photo: Oberle Observatory

Oberle Observatory, a part of Observatory Park

The Oberle Observatory is a key component of the Geauga (County) Park District’s impressive Observatory Park. The Observatory has a partially retractable roof to allow direct sky viewing for the 25.5-inch Newtonian reflector telescope donated by the estate of Norman Oberle, a legend among Ohio telescope builders. The observatory features a climate-controlled control room, data and image displays visible from the exterior, a weather station, a seismograph, Internet connectivity, and outdoor stations for portable telescope setups. The recognized dark-sky site is equipped with red filtered walk and parking lot lights and earthen mounds shield the observing area from automobile headlights. The Observatory was dedicated August 20, 2011 with a “first light” ceremony.

Photo by James Guilford

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