Frost Observatory

Frost Observatory
Western Reserve Academy
College Street
Hudson, Ohio
Thomas Vince, Archivist and Historian

Photo: Frost Observatory. Photo by James Guilford
Frost Observatory

Built in 1981, the Frost Observatory, on the campus of Western Reserve Academy, was named for the Frost family which donated funding for the building and its telescope. It features a unique building design. With the aid of massive counterweights, the top portion of the building, including its metal roof, tips off to uncover a second-floor observing deck. Observers on the deck can operate the facility’s Celestron-14 SCT which is mounted to a substantial pier. The 14-inch was Celestron’s top-of-the-line in 1981. The pier penetrates the lower portion of the building and is anchored in the earth below. A tiny warmup room/office is to be found in the observatory’s lower level. Frost Observatory is open to the public on an irregular schedule.

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