College of Wooster

Image: Post Card showing Original Observatory at College of Wooster

College of Wooster’s Original Observatory

It is understood that the old refractor from the original college observatory was moved to Freedlander Park as that observatory’s first telescope circa 1960 when Andrews Library was built on the site of the old observatory. The old observatory building was moved about a half block east and today is known as the Rubbermaid Building. A new, much humbler observatory was completed in January of 2013. A 12-inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope installed in the new facility.

Photo: New Wooster College Observatory

New Wooster College Observatory

This page is under construction; we are seeking additional history of the original observatory and its telescope.

3 Responses to “College of Wooster”

  1. What happened to the old refractor that was transferred to Freedlander Park?

    • James m Davis Says:

      The College of Wooster’s Facilities Opertions Projects Department along with a local man mounted the refractor telescope in the 2nd floor of Taylor Hall. We enclosed the unit for protection and for others to enjoy its beauty. The history of this awesome this telescope was noted with a plaque so all visitors to view. Jim Davis, past Project Manager, COW

  2. I remember when the 6″ Cook refractor & equatorial mount, fabricated in brass, was completely refurbished by Cliff Barnes from the local astronomical group, and housed in a rolloff observatory in Freedlander Park. The group (WCAS) replaced the Cook with modernized GOTO-capabilities and a larger scope several years ago. I’d guess they returned the Cook refractor to the College of Wooster. It’s very much an “antique” by today’s standards, but was a beautiful instrument all the same. Barnes was a skilled machinist as a career employee of Akron Brass in Wooster and essentially “saved” the original scope, which had fallen into serious disrepair when it was recovered in the early 60’s. Having left the area many years ago, I have lost contact with any of the original members. Sounds like the WCAS is at least nominally active these days. – Rick Walton

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