Ohio under the stars

Cincinnati Observatory: Birthplace of American Astronomy

This site is a place where visitors may see and learn about the rich astronomical heritage of the state of Ohio. This Great Lakes state is not known for many days of crystalline skies, and yet several outstanding observatories have been built here and equipped with their day’s cutting-edge telescopes. Two of the oldest observatories in the nation still stand in Ohio! Astronomy is not all in the state’s past however, and our love of the celestial realm is easily seen in the many observatories still in operation and in a growing “dark skies” movement. This site is irregularly updated so please check back and see what has been added. You may be surprised! — James Guilford

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PLEASE NOTE: For information on programs, open nights, and other observatory-related questions please use the contact information you will find on the page describing the observatory in which you are interested. Observatories of Ohio seeks to document the state’s facilities but does not operate or speak for any of them.